Le Sablier

High precision real time clock for Arduino

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High precision real time clock for Arduino based on the DS3231 chip


Specifications :


  • Extremely accurate realtime clock (RTC)
  • Temperature compensated crystal oscillator
  • Allow data timestamping
  • includes leap years correction
  • Calendar until 2100
  • low power consumption
  • Long lasting (>5y) lithium battery (included) backup for continuous timekeeping
  • 2 programmable alarms
  • Programmable SQW output (Square Wave)
  • I2C interface (400Khz)
  • 3.3V powered (but works between 2,5V and 5V)


Use :

For using it with an Arduino, you could for instance plug the 4 pins GND, VCC, SDA and SCL of LeSablier  into the Analog stackable connectors A2, A3, A4, A5 of the Arduino. A4 and A5 pins will deal with I2C communication with LeSablier while A2 and A3 will need to be configured as Digital outputs to simulate GND and VCC through the pinMode(pin, mode) and digitalWrite(pin, LOW/HIGH) in the Arduino IDE.


Library here to facilitate the use of Sablier (french)


This is a kit to be soldered by yourself. However the DS3231, which is a CMS, is already soldered in order to make your life easier !


Like all our products, this kit is RoHS.

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