Modem TD1208R + Connectivity 1 year

Modem TD1208R + Connectivity 1 year

Easy prototyping with Sigfox technologies.

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Make prototypes with Sigfox IoT technology. The whole range available at


Gives you the possibility to use the IoT Sigfox technology as easy as sending data to a serial port with Arduino. Nothing complicated to configure.


You can also use for fast prototyping our Akeru board or Akene shield.


The data are available into your dashboard and can be fowarded to any internet address through this plateform.


Librairy available on our GitHub account.


Disclaimer :

  • The network is being Sigfox densification in the territory (French mainland). Suitable for outdoor use, coverage inside buildings, like any communication technology, highly dependent on the conformation of places and the environment.
  • When purchasing, you agree to send us at least one address where you plan to use the board. We will estimate the quality of coverage. If it is good we will send you the product, otherwise, we will contact you to explore other places of use or refund you.
  • Using the modem require some advanced electronic design skills (more information here).
  • Always connect the antenna before powering the card (otherwise the energy normally dissipated in the antenna will be converted into heat in the modem and can destroy it).


The kit includes :

  • The modem TD 1208R for Sigfox.
  • One year of Sigfox connectivity (within the limit of 140 messages per day).
  • Access to your data on with specific Akeru plan.


Annual Sigfox connectivity fee (within the limit of 140 messages per day) via Akeru next year, 15€ ttc per year. fee is available on the website.


By choosing to use our Sigfox connectivity plan, you agree to stay within the limit of 140 messages per day. Beyond, the data is not saved; on exceeding the number of messages, a more than proportional penalty is applied for example for 10 messages too, we reduce the threshold at 120 messages per day for a week, 20 too, 100 messages per day for two weeks, etc. You will be automatically notified by email as soon as you reach 100 then 120 and finally 140 messages per day.


Soldering kit comes in a reusable zip ESD packaging.


Like all our products, this kit is RoHS.

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