SD log shield for Arduino with RTC and a square pads prototyping area

Remplaced by release 2

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SD log shield with RTC and a square pads prototyping area for Arduino

Remplaced by release 2


SD Card support

  • Allows backup of a large amount of data on SD card and PC retrieval
  • Support SdFat library for SD FAT16/FAT32 SC/HC cards
  • 3V3 regulator on the shield


Real Time Clock

  • Adding date and time data based on the component I2C DS1307
  • Support the standard library DS1307
  • Date accessed using the format year / month / day of week / hour / minute / seconds
  • Time adjustable 12h with info AM / PM or 24H
  • Backup Time on lithium battery (lasting 10 years if 48mAh)
  • Corrections leap years, months with less than 31 days
  • SQW output signal (square wave) Programmable 1Hz (for pulse every second, or 4kHz or 8kHz or 32kHz)
  • Clock not subject to bug date before 100 years


And more ...

  • Square pads prototyping area to add sensors, actuators, RF, ...
  • 5V and GND lines available on the sides of the prototyping area
  • Arduino reset button on top
  • LED display available on pin D9
  • Simple modification provided for adapting the shield to an Arduino Mega


Compatible with Arduino Uno, Uno CMS and Duemilanove

Compatible with Arduino Mega with a simple modification


Guide de montage

Documentation and installation guide : direct link


The official support forum:


Test of the shield by Tronixstuff : direct link

Test of the shield by Dr. Simon MONK : direct link


Soldering kit comes in a reusable zip ESD packaging.


Like all our products, this kit is RoHS.


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2011-12-02 Christophe .... excellent produit à recommander. Pas d'équivalent sur le marché.
2011-06-15 Florent .... Très bonne qualité du plan de montage + tarif intéressant + Exemple d'utilisation (forum) très efficace + Support présent (forum)
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