Diavolino by Evil Mad Scientist

Low-cost Arduino-compatible by Evil Mad Scientist

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Diavolino ("little devil") is a low-cost, easy to build Arduino-compatible development board.

Diavolino has the form factor of an Arduino Duemilanove or Arduino Pro, but with nicely rounded corners and a striking appearance.


It's a low-profile through-hole version, with a simplified design. It's based on a ATmega328P microcontroller, and comes pre-flashed with the Arduino bootloader. Open source design, with bare basics hardware.


To load Arduino sketches onto a Diavolino, you'll need an FTDI Interface, such as the FTDI Friend. Even if you need to deploy lots of boards, you'll probably only need one interface.


Here's what you'll find on the Diavolino circuit board:

  • ATmega328P microcontroller, with Arduino bootloader
  • Genuine 16 MHz crystal oscillator (better grade, 20 ppm)
  • 3 mm diffused red LED (naturally!), ready for blink sketch
  • Auto-reset circuit
  • Reset button
  • Wire jumper for optional USB power
  • 6-pin header for USB-TTL interface
  • Stackable connectors for shields
  • Places to hook up to a battery box, complete with strain relief
  • Locations for optional side socket strips, ICSP connector, and TO-92 regulator


Here's what you won't find on Diavolino:

  • The USB interface chip-- again, that's why you need the cable.
  • Advanced power management. Please provide power to Diavolino from one source at a time: battery, USB, or plug-in power supply.
  • A separate 3.3 V regulator. Shields and accessories that require separate 3.3 V power may need assistance to work correctly.


Visit official webpage for more informations on the counter and the assembly instructions.


Like all our products, this kit is RoHS.

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