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Our company

Snootlab is a french company founded in 2010, Arduino official distributor, we design and develop electronic products with an Open Hardware and Open Source approach. We are particularly specialized in the design of new shields for Arduino.


Logo OSHWThe products we create are licensed under CC BY-SA v3.0 (as shown indocumments associated with each of our creations). In accordance with the principles of the definition of Open Source Hardware (OSHW), we have signed it the 10th February 2011.


We wish to contribute to the development of the ecosystem of "do it yourself" through original designs of products, uses and events.




We also distribute Arduino products. All products we sell are from the official Arduino network as evidenced by our inclusion in the list of official distributors.



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Social Medias

You can follow us on Twitter (@snootlab)Facebook and Google+


Our products are available in our webshop and through our official distributors.


Logo RoHS All the products we sell are RoHS.






We try to minimize our environmental impact through reusable packaging (antistatic bags with zip) for our customers, using paper, cardboard or recycled materials or easily recyclable packaging for shipment.


We participate in the effort to reduce hazardous substances adhering to eco-systems organization for collecting, processing and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment.
We pay according to the law, the amount of the eco-tax collected from the sale of products.
Our company is registered as producers of ADEME (see the certificate - french).



Eco-emballagesWe support eco-packaging, packaging recovery organization through its supervision missions, support and organization of the sorting of household packaging in France.




Unless otherwise indicated, all photographs were taken by our team and are the exclusive property of our company. If you want to use some of our pictures, please contact us, use without our permission will be subject to a claim for compensation. We are particularly allergic to the word "RR" or 'DR".

Photographs of products distributed on our website are property of these firms.