Touch Board Starter Kit

Touch Board Starter Kit has everything you need to turn any surface, object and space into a sensor.

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The Touch Board Starter Kit contains everything you need to connect your surroundings to the digital world. Use it to change your environment by turning surfaces, objects or spaces into sensors.


In this box you'll find a Touch Board, Electric Paint, essential components and a Guidebook featuring a range of project ideas and inspiration. Follow the Guidebook's step-by-step instructions to create three featured projects the turn touch into sound using the contents provided. The Touch Board is preprogrammed to trigger MP3 tracks so no programming or electronics experience is required.


The Touch Board Starter Kit comes ready to plug and play, and is supported by a growing range of tutorials, visual guides, and project examples online. Whether you're an absolute beginner, a programming pro or looking for a great gift for a tinkerer, this kit will let you start making your projects in no time.


Graphic sensors

This project demonstrates how to make an interactive wall graphic using the Touch Board and Electric Paint.

Follow the instructions to learn how to add personal stories and sounds to an image. Bedtime stories will never be the same once you've painted such an engaging interface on your wall !


Interface on wall



Objects as sensors

In this example, we show you how to set up your Touch Board to give voice to the objects around you.

You can record a message about which vitamins to take, how often to water your plants or even link your favorite song to a photo frame.


Give voice to the object



Sensing spaces

This project explores large scale sensors in the built environment.

Use the Touch Board and Electric Paint to create an alarm sensor able to detect a sneaky intruder crossing a threshold.


Alarm sensor



About Electric Paint

Electric Paint is a unique platform for discovering, playing, repairing, and designing with electronics. It can be used as both a liquid wire and a conductive adhesive. The handy 10mL pen allows you to draw circuits and attach small components to your projects, while the 50mL jar is great for painting or screen painting graphical sensors. Electric Paint is nontoxic, solvent free and water soluble.


About the Touch Board

The Touch Board is a tool that allows you to connect almost any surface, object or space to the digital world. You can transform any of the board's 12 electrodes into sensors to trigger MP3 tracks of MIDI notes. The board works with the Arduino IDE platform which means you can upload or modify code, and use digital and analog pins as you would an Arduino board.


Touch and distance sensing


No programming required

Works with Electric Paint

MP3 Player / MIDI device

Use as an Arduino

microSD card socket

Standard 3.5mm audio jack

LiPo battery charger

HID capable


In this kit :

1 x Touch Board

1 x Electric Paint 10mL Pen

1 x Electric Paint 50mL Jar

1 x Guidebook

1 x MicroSD Card

1 x MicroSD Card Reader

1 x Micro USB Cable

1 x Mini Speaker

12 x Alligator Clips (colours may vary)

1 x House Stencil

1 x Stencil Brush

12 x Sticky Tabs

3 x Velcro Stickers

2 x Paper Cutouts


More informatoins on the official page.


Like all our products, this kit is RoHS.

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